Sunday, October 9, 2011

Georgia on my Mind

I used to think blogging was only for select groups of people:
  • Starry-eyed newlyweds bubbling over with the joys of their recently discovered domesticity,
  • Mommies and daddies needing a venue to share the latest news about their rapidly growing kiddos with family and friends,
  • Crafty, creative, granola-eating hippie-types trying to convince the rest of us materialistic consumers that we really could do it oursleves if we tried hard enough,
  • And those just plain narcisistic enough to believe that the rest the networked world wants to hear the minute details of their daily comings and goings.
Thankfully Twitter has all but eliminated that last category, but as for the rest, I've obviously changed my tune. I'm unmarried, childless, and void of creative talent, but despite not fitting into any of my self-imposed blog categories I'm hoping that this will be a place that I can share some of what Jesus is doing in my life with those who are bored enough to care to read about it.

So for all 3.5 of you still reading, I want to update you on my latest-

As of January, I will be moving to Georgia!

I 'll be (re)starting school at Brenau University in Gainesville next semester to finish up my degree in Psychology. My heart hurts to have to leave behind my as-close-as-family friends in Searcy, but I know that God has something in store for this new season that is unlike anything He's done so far. There is no question that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be (ask me if you want details.. I would be happy to brag on how gracious Jesus has been with me concerning this transition), but I have to admit that I'm equally as nervous as I am excited about the big move. Needless to say, all your prayers are GREATLY appreciated!

There's a song I want to share that's been that song for me throughout the past few months.. you know, the one playing on the radio every time you turn it on & streaming through every coffee shop you walk into? Building 429's Listen to the Sound was this season's selection. All the lyrics are p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l, but there is one phrase that seemed to be magnified every time I heard it. It said,
"You never know what faith is 'til you don't understand. Sometimes it takes the silence to finally hear His plan."
 If you haven't heard it, I highly recommend taking a second to listen to it:

Leading up to the final decision to move there was a lot of silence from the Lord, something I haven't experienced much until now. I was beginning to get really frustrated and jaded, knowing something needed to change but too scared to do anything about it without clear direction (as in clouds opening, dove coming down, audible voice from heaven-type direction- I'm not picky), when a very wise friend reminded me that far too often

we wait..

and wait..

and wait

for God to give us a definite instruction when what He really requires is movement, any movement, on our part. It didn't sink into my hard head immediately, but when paired with these lyrics and so many other things that were undeniably God-ordained I got it. And the rest is history!

As for what happens next God only knows, and I'm beginning to realize how much better life is when lived that way

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  1. i hope i don't fall into any of your preconceived blogger categories. for anyone asking, i blogged for almost a year before i even started dating my Favorite. :) SO excited for you in this new development!! i know God is blessing you for your faithfulness and also, opening new doors for you to grow, and be challenged, and share Him. Congrats!